It’s Worth More


This place is just across the street from a Family Dollar or a Dollar General or one of those places that have popped up everywhere; its days are likely numbered, but that may not make them worth more than any other sort of day.

Rayne, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

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  1. The irony of marketing life …


  2. Wow, I love this photo. it silently says so much. And those chain dollar stores are kind of annoying – they pop up like zits in the weirdest places. Seems the day of the mom-n-pop business has almost passed away. Sadness. These people are what made this country what it is today yet this is the result. Is this a negative thought or the bare bones truth…

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    • I’m not sure when it happened that every single little town has a Dollar General or Family Dollar (maybe I’ll just call them, collectively, Family General), but they are just everywhere. With the predicable consequences for the locally-owned little stores.

      I guess they bring jobs to these little towns, but at what cost?

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  3. Good work. Rectangles,squares, and poles- oh my. One lonesome fire plug.


  4. Worth more…than what? Another great find Melinda that sets thoughts rolling


    • I know what you mean! I tend to be a bit of a cranky grammarian (which is probably redundant), so that business’s name bothered me a little bit.

      But, even a grammarian can tell that it made for a more interesting photo than if the business name had, oh, I don’t know, made sense.


  5. If the throng of cars parked in front is any indication, this business will soon be as done and gone as it already looks.

    Wait a minute, you said a car actually passed by while you were there? Maybe there is hope.


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