The Gap


Where a building was, there’s now a parking lot filling in the gap.

We lived in New Orleans for a few years; when we first got there, someone gave us these directions: Go up Canal Street, and turn right where the bakery used to be.

Not helpful. Not one bit.

New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 1.8.2016

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  1. Lots going on in this photo. I love all the contrast. The sky looks insane! Did you use a red filter to make to sky appear so dark?


  2. Oh, and nice photograph, too. I, too, love all the tonal contrasts.


  3. Knoxville TN. and the University gobble up any land for “lovely ” parking lots. Oh, nice shot!


  4. Those two tall towers look almost un-real against that sky. And the sky has a quality all of its own.


    • That sky was pretty terrific. It reminded me from a line in one of my favorite books, The Confederacy of Dunces (which is set in New Orleans, in the mid-1960s): “Although the days had lately been cold and damp, the afternoon had that sudden, surprising warmth that makes New Orleans winters gentle.” The caged candle that I posted yesterday was shot the same day as this image.


    • Oh, and also: it’s good to have you back again, posting comments! I’d missed hearing from you.


      • I’ve missed all the contacts, Mel. It’s been an exhausting few months and It’s good to ffind that life is slowly getting back to ‘normal’.


      • Did you feel like you were about to forget what “normal” was?

        I had a disruptive few months – not because of moving, like you, but because of some other things that kept me emotionally occupied. I’m starting to write, again, which lets me know that the part of my brain that’s been busy with the other stuff is resetting. Finally.

        Anyway, welcome back!


      • Thanks for the ‘welcome back’ Melinda. 2015 was a disrupted and stressful year and creative thinking certainly suffers under those circumstances whatever the cause of the ‘stress’. It’s good to see new images on the screen and enjoy working on them – there were too few of them last year.

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  5. Love this! This is one of those images that works so well as black and white, yet I can imagine as a wonderful color image as well in a kind of Stephen Shore fashion. That doesn’t happen much with me. Really well seen and executed. Bravo!


    • I guess it does have that sort of Stephen Shore look to it, which I wouldn’t have thought about.

      When I made the shot, I was thinking it would end up as a color image, and I did try it, but I liked it better this way. But maybe I’ll give it another go, in color, and repost it. (Which gives me an idea of a series, with color and b&w versions of the same image…)


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