Candle Can’t Escape


Down a little street called Pirate Alley, and in the shadow of St. Louis Cathedral, there’s a certain candle being held captive on a wooden table. A silvery chain blocks its escape.

But, if it DID escape, where would it go?

in the French Quarter
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 1.8.2016

PS – Tom Robbins’ book Skinny Legs and All was (apparently) in my mind when I wrote this.

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  1. Stumbled across your site while in the midst of planning a New Orleans getaway. I love the beautiful simplicity of your work and the idea of posting a single image each day. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    • Julia – I’m glad you found my site, though I don’t imagine it was very much help in the way of trip-planning! I hope you have a good trip to New Orleans; when are you going?

      Thanks for your kind comments on my work. I’ve gotten a great deal of satisfaction from this daily-posting practice.

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      • We’re headed there in March. Very excited to see some of the beautiful cemeteries and eat amazing food. I just posted a bit about our plans on my blog, so feel free to leave any tips on where we should go!


      • I’ll give it some thought – but in general if you can get away from the Quarter you’ll have a more “authentic” experience. Except for beignets, which you have to go to Cafe du Monde for, or it won’t count.

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  2. There isn’t much that’s more sad than a candle held against its will. #freethecandle, anyone?


  3. Was there a ransom note?


  4. fiddles..!. that candle can jump the chain any moment to go join a downtown festive line, it’s a New Orleans thing, y’ know…


  5. Two chairs have made it past the chain, will the candle be next? Pictures like this that pose unanswerable questions are always fun, but it takes someone with vision to spot them. Well spotted Melinda


  6. I think if it could get out, the candle would sit in one of those chairs in the sun until it went all relaxed and soft and started dripping through, like it were a very old man creeping onto his porch when the sun comes out.


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