Message is the Mystery


Don’t you wish you knew what was on that piece of paper tucked into the shutters? And don’t you wonder if there’s someone looking out through the curtains, watching to see if you’ll give in to temptation?

And, also, don’t you wonder why I made this in color?

So many mysteries.

Chartres Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 1.8.2016

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  1. I like the subtle pastel tones, too. Good choice.


  2. I don’t wonder; the colors are a big part of the appeal of this photograph—for me, and I have to assume for you—along with all the rectangles. Oh, the rectangles.


    • Linda – it IS on the rectangle-y side, isn’t it? Those colors are pretty typical of the French Quarter, especially the parts that are away from the tourists’ areas. The Vieux Carre Commission has approved colors that property owners have to abide by.


  3. Love the pastels and textures. No mystery because it is you- which is good. We are addicted.


  4. The colors just called out. Wouldn’t be the same in BW. But the mystery will remain in your photo even after the little note is gone over there. And what is the mystery of that fat scrawl on the bottom of the right pane ???


  5. oh ah! I keep seeing things. The seriousness of the rectangles is preceded by the embroidery of the metal grate and then by that curving design on the wall, it looks like a flying kite to me.


  6. Love the picture! Could build so many stories from just this image. Is it a love letter, ransom note, treasure map…..?


  7. Nice colors! Nice photo!


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