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As if a manor of thy friends


I tried. Really I did. But I couldn’t find anything cheerful here. Sometimes that happens.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 5.8.2016



This poor guy – he’s got a little bit of a problem with his right arm, doesn’t he?

Dallas, Texas
photographed 5.7.2016

Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, at least according to home design shows on television. This one’s still in the development stage, I guess.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 5.7.2016

Standing Guard


We took a trip to Dallas to look at a park.

That’s not odd, is it?

(Never mind. I know it’s weird. Embrace the weirdness, I say!)

At the park, we saw a tight row of bollards, designed to keep kids inside the playground.

Klyde Warren Park
Dallas, Texas 
photographed 1.7.2015

A confusion


The Klyde Warren Park in Dallas was sort of expensive*.

But for the money, the park got a very interesting pavilion with polished chrome panels that give interesting – if confusing – reflections of the urban landscape. (I’d try to explain what’s real and what’s a reflection, but now that I think about it – upon reflection, as it were – I don’t think it matters. And also, I’m not sure I could tell you.)

Dallas, Texas
photographed 1.10.2015


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