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Toward the end, things were falling apart


This place is falling down, from the ground up.

And, to be honest, it’s also falling down from the roof down.

Young County, Texas
photographed 5.9.2016

just breathe


Pearl Jam.

That’s all.

Sweetwater, Texas
photographed 3.20.2016

A busy bee is busy no longer


It’s another verse in the same song out here: another small-town business is gone.

Roscoe, Texas
photographed 3.20.2016

all these years of thinking ended up like this


My pre-dawn walk in Alpine the other morning gave me some nice things to photograph (like the laundromat and the marquee). The abandoned water bottle…this became all about the water bottle.

It’s been a while since I’ve linked random song lyrics to my images, but this one made me think of Bruce Cockburn’s song “Understanding Nothing.”

Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.25.2016

Artisanal Marker


When I took that class last month at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, our instructor said we should “stay away” from making photos in cemeteries or churches. It struck me that he was pushing his personal preferences onto us. And it also struck me that even though he’s famous and I’m not, I get to make that decision for myself. (He also spoke of including “implied narratives” in our images, and I don’t know many places better than cemeteries to find such implied narratives. So what was he even talking about? I’m sure I don’t know.)

Anyway, I found this handmade cross, with a nice artisanal feel about it, in the hot and dry cemetery in Marathon, Texas.

Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.24.2016


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