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Yes, a motorcycle.

But before we get to that, go here and check out those aerial images. You may have seen them before in National Geographic or something. Take as long as you want; I’ll wait.

So, that photographer is also the genius behind this amazing collection of motorcycles. The Patient Spouse and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours here the other day, making the $10/person entry fee the very best bargain in all of Dallas. There were two friendly employees who were more than happy to talk about the motorcycles as long as we wanted, but were also happy to leave us alone, too.

And I didn’t even LIKE motorcycles before I visited this place…

Haas Moto Museum
Dallas, Texas
photographed 6.1.2018

Only tourists but the view is nice

This is the view from the picnic shelter on Interstate 40, just west of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Is it any wonder that a David Byrne song* came to mind?

We’re only tourists in this life
Only tourists but the view is nice

near Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2018

*”Everybody’s Coming to My House”

Attention to detail is vital

An actual sign, out on the highway. I am pretty sure there’s nothing more to say…

Hockley County, Texas
photographed 5.24.2018

Free Wi-Fi (you get what you pay for)

Well, sure. It sounds good to get free WiFi. But given the general state of disrepair and the chain-link fence around the property and the dead tree laying over in the parking lot, my guess is that it may not be that great a bargain after all.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.23.2018

The line had been drawn

This place will soon come down, to make way for another place.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.23.2018

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