Patient Spouse, as we’re leaving town: What’s the best way to get back to the highway?

Me: Go straight through this light.

Also me: Wait! Wait! Turn left RIGHT HERE. I need to look at something!

Patient Spouse:

And that’s the story of how we drove all the way to the next town before we got on the main road. And it’s also the story of how I got this photo, and the one from yesterday, and the one you’ll see tomorrow…

Tulia, Texas
photographed 6.24.2019

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  1. Still No Parking? 😉


  2. Because sometimes ya just gotta.


  3. Sue stole my line 😟. But once again the PS comes through 🤓. Thanks for the link to the song yesterday.


    • It’s hard to stay ahead of Sue, isn’t it?!

      You’re welcome on the song link. My friend Katie’s dad believes that would be a great song for a wedding. I guess he might be right, once you get past the dead guy on the power line at the beginning….


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