The grain company

Well, this was my kind of place: out of business, dirty windows, and a place where I could stand to get this shot. This way of shooting through windows has evolved into one of my favorite techniques. Often (this place was an example) I can’t even see what’s inside when I make the image. All those Sam Abell-influenced lessons about careful composition go right out the window* and I get what I get. Sometimes I get crap** and sometimes I get something like this…

Tulia, Texas
photographed 6.24.2019

*So to speak.

**Literally, but what I really meant was from a photo-worthy-of-posting standpoint.

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  1. Richard Owen

    Ya done good MGH. Btw, I discovered a new channel on YT. HinduCowGirl is a train driver in Norway and videos her runs. The chat section got on the subject of thieves stealing copper wire from RR boxes. HCG said they attempted to steal some overhead wire and used the term catenary! Are you and she sisters ? 😹 HCG states those thieves didn’t survive the experience. Guess even Norway ( Norge ) has dumb criminals.


  2. Woooo. All those rectangles, and so many reflections! Very nice!


  3. There is a lot in this shot.


    • I was surprised when I saw the photo – the window was nearly too high for me to look in and way to dirty to see much anyway. My camera’s good about shooting in those terrible conditions, though, and sees more than I ever could!


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