Yes, I did take an overnight trip to Clovis, New Mexico, just to take pictures of…well…whatever I could find. That’s the way I am.

I don’t know what anyone else – particularly my patient spouse, who served as Driver and Assistant on the trip – thinks about it, but when I saw this grain elevator, I knew the trip was worth it.

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2013

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  1. With photos like this, I’m sure the spouse is glad to do his part. This is very nice.


  2. Its kind of like shadows from overhead lines on a sand dune. Or some other regular part of nature.
    The triangle above the wires is interesting – it goes kind of flat and not-round, if you can understand that lack of eloquence.
    And, there are a lot of interesting details in this shot. For instance, the little Coop signs on the back of the lights (?) – at first I thought they said CCCP, but of course they would not. Even if that is who used to to buy the grain.


    • I think the flat, not-round effect is because I was shooting with a telephoto lens, which compressed everything so much that the curves on the silos were flattened out.

      CCCP is more entertaining than COOP, but COOP is what it said. And I think those things aren’t lights, but are some sort of device that has to do with either filling or emptying the silos. Or both. (You may have realized that I don’t really understand how silos work.)

      I shot about 50 pictures of these silos. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop.


  3. Brett Erickson

    Very Paul Strand-ish of you. Nice!


  4. Excellently worth it.

    At first sight it looks like graffiti – we are so conditioned by what we see every day – then the image emerges in its repetitive obsession and has to be deciphered. It is an image with many layers.

    In my not so humble opinion this is very very good work. Perhaps even “seminal”…?


  5. I love the compression, the repetition, the shadows. You found an excellent POV for this one.


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