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Stone wall and window blinds

Out here in the hot Southwest, it’s not uncommon to see vinyl window blinds on west-facing windows that have gotten a little bit melty in the heat.

That fabulous stone wall, though, is a little more unusual.

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.24.2019

Underneath the lights


You know how I always like to go around back when I am shooting, just to see what I can find? I also try to remember to look up. Which is how I found this interesting array of lightbulbs hiding (in plain sight!) under the marquee of the Mesa Theatre in Clovis, New Mexico.

I wasn’t able to find anything much out about the Mesa, other than it had a fire in 1948 and was rebuilt. Perhaps my Research Department can take over from here?

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2013

Zia. Zia.


Zia. It’s everywhere in New Mexico. On the flag. On license plates. Twice on this building in Clovis. Even, according to this article, on public toilets.

But it’s also a sacred symbol of the Zia Pueblo, a tribe of about 850 members, who feel that perhaps their tribal symbol is being used in ways that are not in accordance with their beliefs. The current session of the state legislature has asked the State Department of Cultural Affairs to prepare a report on the matter. A previous fiscal impact study on the issue said the Cultural Affairs Department should consult with Zia Pueblo, but cautions that “there is potential for conflicts of interest between the state and the pueblo, particularly if the report is intended to include recommendations.”

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2013

The day I was amused by signage


I know these two signs represented different businesses. I do.

But that certainly didn’t stop me from pondering the possibility of offering a drive-through option at the Christian Believers place.

And that made me think about how often I seem to be in line at the drive-up teller, just wanting to deposit one check and holding an already-filled-out deposit slip, stuck behind someone who is apparently filling out a lengthy loan application in the front seat of their car while I’m stuck behind them, unable to leave because there’s a car behind me.

Which led me back around to this scene:  I’d probably be in line to turn in my homework (Sample essay question:  What it your favorite Commandment, and why?) and get stuck behind someone who was  there for their counseling session.

Which led me to take this picture, and walk on down the street, looking for more shots.

All of which has led you to think it must be really confusing inside my head.  And that, of course, is an accurate assumption on your part.

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.13

Inside my head


Another day of prowling the archives, and I found this, from a trip to England a few years ago.

It wasn’t the grandeur of the cathedral that caught my eye (though it certainly is grand), nor the beautiful music we heard (it was very nice), nor the vast amount of history associated with the place (the building was saved by a deep-sea diver?!)

Nope. It was the way the columns of the great cathedral reminded me of some grain elevators in New Mexico.

Inside my mind? Yeah, it’s scary in there.

Winchester Cathedral
photographed 10.2007

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