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Another day of prowling the archives, and I found this, from a trip to England a few years ago.

It wasn’t the grandeur of the cathedral that caught my eye (though it certainly is grand), nor the beautiful music we heard (it was very nice), nor the vast amount of history associated with the place (the building was saved by a deep-sea diver?!)

Nope. It was the way the columns of the great cathedral reminded me of some grain elevators in New Mexico.

Inside my mind? Yeah, it’s scary in there.

Winchester Cathedral
photographed 10.2007

I’m on vacation. And on vacation from the internet. Please go ahead and comment; I’ll get caught up with reading what you’ve got to say, and replying, sometime after July 7.

March 16

Inside Winchester Cathedral.

There have been sacred buildings on this site since 645. Construction on the current cathedral was completed in the early 16th century, and the building continues to serve as the seat of the Bishop of Winchester and center of the Diocese of Winchester.

Among famous people buried in the Cathedral is William Walker, a deep-sea diver. According to the Cathedral’s website, when huge cracks started to appear in the early 1900s, the Cathedral seemed in danger of complete collapse. Early efforts to underpin its waterlogged foundations failed until Walker worked under water every day for six years placing bags of concrete to save the structure.

Winchester, Hampshire
United Kingdom

photographed 10.2007

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