3 x 3 x 6


On a recent photo prowl through downtown Canyon, Texas, this grid of gridded windows caught my attention.

And also, I can’t decide if the door’s short or the doorknob’s too high. Either way, it looks…odd.

Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.29.2016

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  1. To my eye the doorknob is exactly centered vertically, and that’s why it looks odd.


  2. throw in on top of that the black squiggles on the back lot and…you’ve just crossed over to a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.. into a land of both shadow and substance…of things and ideas….

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  3. I think ET has a point. Another good find MGH. Maybe the door is for bow legged cowpokes.


  4. If you take into account the height of the junction box, then the door may be a little short. In that case the upper row of windows would be around eye height. Is the lower set of windows for pets?


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