never not creepy

I guess this could be considered a win? Two creepy dolls in one shop window?

But, seriously, the one on the bottom left…I am pretty sure her eyes are STILL following me, and it’s been 36 days since I made the photo.

It’s starting to feel less and less like a win.

Elida, New Mexico
photographed 5.23.2021

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  1. That bottom left one is definitely not a win…..


  2. I’d love to prowl around in that junk store. I love creepy dolls, well because they’re creepy! 🙂


  3. A few years ago my daughter, grand-daughter (about age 5) and I went to an old junk/antique store here in town. My grand-daughter wanted to find a haunted doll. She looked all over the store and found one she said had ‘haunted vibes’ and so we bought it for her. It was just an antique Shirley Temple doll, but to her it was creepy and haunted. She loved it and still does. 😉


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