Beverage Station


Sometimes, you can just tell by the name of the place that there was some sort of drama involved. Like this café I went to in San Antonio – The Original Blanco Café. I was hoping the inclusion of “original” in the name was a veiled reference to some sort of acrimonious split, but a glance at Google seems to indicate that this is the first of two or three other locations of the same restaurant.

So much for drama.

Unless you want to count the lovely drama of the beverage station, with the bucket of lemons, the framed photograph on the wall, and the stacks of glasses.

The Original Blanco Café
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 5.21.2016

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  1. Love it! More great Americana. Many may not notice or think of the importance of the mundane. But such is the fabric of much of our lives. Glad you capture such things Melinda.


  2. Addendum. I place you up there with the Coen Brothers.


    • Really?! I may get the big head over that! “Raising Arizona” and “O Brother…” are two of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, around my house, we often say, spontaneously and without reason, “Gopher, Everett?” and (our favorite), “We thought…you was…a…toad.” Yep, that’s how we roll at my house.


  3. And that towel (or whatever it is), just the right size for the window: that’s drama, too, and my favorite part of this photo, Ms. Mundane Queen.


  4. I’ve never heard of a plowboy! Very cute!


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