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As it all fades away


1. On days like this one, the wind is strong, picking up dirt and flinging it skyward. The horizons blur with airborne particulates, the light takes on the same tint as the dirt, tumbleweeds stream across roadways only to be caught up in fencing. In the worst of these dust storms, cars on the highway have to use headlights and traffic slows down because it’s impossible to see very far ahead. The wind’s howl covers all other sounds save the sounds of a piece of sheet metal being ripped from its moorings or the crack of a tree limb.

2. Certain things are disappearing from the Plains. Like people. Like where they lived. Like water. Like dreams. But the wind always remains.

NW Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 4.26.2013

January 31

Sepia skies and a see-through barn

along FM 168
Castro County, Texas

photographed 1.29.2012

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