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el dandy and the carwash

Everything happening everywhere. Everything happening everywhere at the same time. Everything happening everywhere at the same time all day and all night.

(Havana, a summary)

Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.6.2022


That day at the Laundry Place (which is how I will always remember it) was otherworldly. I found myself unable to stop photographing the room. I used one camera, then another, then changed lenses. Then I used my phone. Then a camera. Etc.

And I know a lot of Cuban photography tours visit this place, but that day it felt like I was the only one who’d ever seen the magic of the laundry dancing in front of me.

Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.7.2022

sometimes there are too many contrasts

There was a lot going on here.

It was the first night of my long-anticipated, often-delayed trip to Cuba. I was trying to settle in to what I was seeing and feeling. The contrasts (in both of those things) left me feeling unsettled, and it was a feeling that stayed with me the whole I time I was there.

Av. Bélgica
Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.5.2023

the damage and the dying done

We only had a very short time to visit this cemetery; a whole day wouldn’t have been enough. I had to hurry…and fell into the trap of being so busy taking pictures that I failed to slow down and take in the feeling of the place, to really SEE what was there. (For this, I have no excuse: a have a tattoo on my wrist that says, “Take time to see.” I didn’t even take time to read my own ink.)

But anyway, here’s a mausoleum with a reflection.

And, because I was in a mood when I wrote this, I threw in a Bruce Cockburn line – the damage and the dying done – because I felt like it. (It’s from a beautiful spoken word piece “The Charity of Night.”)

Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón
Havana, Cuba 
photographed 11.11.2022


Sometimes the line between a brilliant photographic capture and a thing that *almost* worked is thin. Other times the dog’s front feet are off the ground and that makes the photographer laugh (even though she’s not particularly a dog person most of the time) and decide to post it anyway.

Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.11.2022

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