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49 cents

It was lunch time, and I decided that what I really wanted for lunch was an apple. And while I was inside the town’s only grocery store, Moore’s Thriftway, I noticed that there were a lot of promising photos in there just waiting to be made.

Also, just for fun, I read some of the reviews of the store. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Best grocery store ever!
  • Only grocery store here.
  • The prices are quite expensive.
  • A lot of their prices are cheaper than Wal Mart.
  • Name is misleading. Not really a thrift store.

Paducah, Texas
photographed 9.17.2021

the accidental selfie

I was too busy making this photo (and dealing with that bright, glaring light) that I didn’t even notice that I was in the shot. It’s obvious that I would have been, but in the heat of the moment, I failed to see myself.

But anyway, at least now you’ll recognize me.

Paducah, Texas
photographed 9.17.2021

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