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I found an informal communication system inside this abandoned building. I also found some nice light slanting through the room.

Fort Stockton, Texas
photographed 12.25.2018

…but you CAN leave furniture

If only that sign had been one letter wider…

Fort Stockton, Texas
photographed 12.25.2018

Maybe I misjudged the place

I’ve lived almost my whole life in the western part of Texas, so I think I know how to read a place accurately and quickly.

Turns out, I’m not as good at that as I thought: I did not think Fort Stockton was the kind of place that would need a tuxedo store…

Fort Stockton, Texas
photographed 7.13.2018

“It was never as photogenic as it is now.”


“It was never as photogenic as it is now.”

That’s what one of my regular commentors said about one of my blog posts recently. I took to that phrase right away: it seems to sum up a great deal of my work, and my own ideas about what is or isn’t photogenic. There are few things that I like to photograph more than old places like this, once grand, maybe, but now forgotten and giving in to gravity.

I don’t know for sure what this place used to be, but my guess is that it was once a hotel. (If my research department wants to look into this a little bit, I will offer this: it is on the corner of West 13th Street and North Nelson Street.)

Fort Stockton, Texas
photographed 3.19.12

July 3

Detail of this building, which may still be for sale.

Fort Stockton, Texas

photographed 3.19.2012

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