Art room sink


I took this inside the same room as this and this.

But what I really wanted to show you was my three-part (so far) series I guess I can call Random Broken Sinks. I found the first one inside another abandoned school building in Garza County, Texas. And the second one is in the unused second floor of a building in Tahoka, Texas.

Union School
Terry County, Texas

photographed 7.4.2012

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  1. Very good capture and B&W. Interesting subject and you gave it a second life .


  2. Thanks! Glad you like the shot.


  3. This is a classic MGH shot – very nice framing and composition! Of the other shots, I like the second floor sink – it is a nice old classic.


    • See, I didn’t even know I HAD “classic” shots! I am probably going to get all stuck on myself, now that I know. My friends and family will surely thank you….

      I like that second floor sink also. My agency leases space on the first floor of this building and I was able to sneak upstairs one time to look around. I’d planned ahead, and had my camera with me….


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