Rustoleum Metallic, art room


Another shot from inside the art room at the vacated Wellman Union School.

See that can on the desk? It’s Rustoleum Metallic. I am just positive that someone took the spray paint in there with the intentions of painting the filing cabinets. Right?

Union School
Terry County, Texas

photographed 7.4.2012

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  1. Interesting things that one can still use .


  2. This is a very dreary room – can you imagine your creative juices flowing in full force in a space like this? All I can imagine is the ceiling slowly lowering, like a juice press.


    • Even when it wasn’t full of dust-coated, discarded furniture, I think the room would have been awful. In addition to those concrete-block walls and low ceiling, there’s only one window, so almost no natural light.

      Good image re. the juice press!


      • There is that story “A Terribly Strange Bed” which springs to mind too, by Wilkie Collins (though I thought it was by Edgar Allen Poe until I looked it up just now). Horrible. That low ceiling is wretched.


      • I am not familiar with that story – but I will be looking it up shortly. (I’ve read The Moonstone and The Woman in White, though.)


      • It is very short, and on the web so easy to find. And creepy. You might never sleep well in a canopy bed again.


      • Yes, it IS creepy! Good thing I don’t have a canopy bed, or I’d be sleeping elsewhere. For a long time….!

        (I liked the line “he had the dirtiest pair of hands I ever saw – even in France.”)


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