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July 29

No, it really isn’t.

New Home, Texas

photographed 1.9.2011

(Sort of like this shot) from Newcastle, isn’t it?)

March 6

Remember the Mt. Zion Baptist Church from March 3? Out in back, I found the remnants of last summer’s garden, including this giant, mummified okra.

near New Home, Texas

photographed 3.3.2012

March 3

If you head north out of New Home, after you pass the school, the first road you come to is County Road 6. Take a right. Don’t worry – the road’s not paved, but it’s been ages since it rained, and that red dirt is as hard as pavement. This is what you are looking for: your map (page 44 in The Roads of Texas) has a tiny cross and the words “Mt. Zion” and you think it might be a cemetery. You are wrong: it’s this church, which doesn’t have a sign out front. Later, on your way back to the main roads, you’ll see this, which clears up a bit of the mystery:

No cemetery, but you haven’t wasted your trip down the dirt road. Not at all.

near New Home, Texas

(Also, while you are there, a man driving a diesel pickup will stop and say, “Howdy, ma’am. I’m a rancher, looking for some land to graze my cattle on. Do you know if the church owns this land over here?”)

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