Jamaica Season

Jamaica: not just a country!

Catholic Churches around here (maybe other places, too? Help me out, reader(s)!) host these fundraising events. There’s usually food and contests and music. By now, you’ve missed this one in Lorenzo, but you can mark your calendar for next year.

Lorenzo, Texas
photographed 8.19.2019

PS – It’s pronounced as a Spanish word, with an “h” sound standing in for the “j” and the accent on the first syllable.

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  1. Glad you clarified because I was thinking, reggae in Kansas?


  2. Excuse me I mean reggae in Texas? Actually that idea is not so far-fetched. Certain parts of Texas, anyway.


  3. I trust you are clad in a uniform. I have always thought you were a real Texan or a wannabe.


  4. I’ve always heard it pronounced “ha mai’ ka”. Yummy stuff.


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