November 29

On High Street, SW, just south of Central Avenue.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

photographed 11.23.2012

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  1. What is “Holy Cow?”
    The graphics bid me find out.
    If there, I would go.


  2. That’s a really nice exposure, of what looks like a really tricky subject. And a second look reveals that it is …. abandoned!


  3. So…even when I don’t MEAN to photograph abandoned buildings, I still do. I can’t decide if that’s a good trait, or not. But thanks (I guess…) for pointing it out.


    • I thought you had chosen it just because it was abandoned. Sorry if I deflated a notion of yours.


      • That “Holy Cow” sign was what I first noticed. Then that tall building in the back caught my eye – it’s a hotel where we stayed in August; we logged some pretty serious hours in the rooftop bar. So I had good (if inaccurate) memories of that place. Then I noticed the curved shadow on the building in the foreground. And THEN – that’s when I noticed the boarded up door. It takes me a while, sometimes, but I eventually get there!


      • Well, it took me longer than that, more visual stops (many of the same ones) and a second visit when I clicked through to the larger version before I notice the plywood.


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