Tornado siren


The 2010 census reports 80 residents of this town. There are approximately 20 horns on the tornado siren, which seems like ample coverage, doesn’t it?

Lebanon, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

Historical Note #1: The 2012 Google Street View is siren-free, so it’s an apparently recent addition.

Historical Note #2: My spouse lived in this town for a year or two when he was a kid, and the location of the famous family story How Larry Broke His Tooth is just around the corner from where I stood to take this shot.

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    • It’s not that exciting, as stories go, but that hasn’t stopped endless repetition…Larry and his sister were running to school; she was in front and tripped and fell. He tripped, too, and his tooth caught her plastic headband. For a long time he had a silver tooth in front; by the time we met, he had a tooth-colored replacement.

      (The Nebraska trip was the Nostalgia Tour 2014, so I heard – or, actually, re-heard – all the old family stories.)


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