Monochrome Madness, recap

For the past year, Leanne Cole and Laura Macky have been working on a project they call Monochrome Madness, where photographers are invited to submit their images every week; Leanne posts them on her blog.

This is week 52 of the project; Leanne asked those of us who participated to post a gallery of our images. You’ve seen all of these before, as they’d made an appearance here on One Day | One Image. But, let’s see what they look like when they’re all together!

But before that, I want to thank Leanne and Laura for their tireless work on this project; sometimes keeping up with my one photo every day is hard, and I have a great deal of admiration for their vision and their dedication to Monochrome Madness.

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  1. Wonderful A collection to be proud of.


  2. Very nice collection…beautiful!


  3. There’s a lot of diversity in these image but one thing in common is they are all outstanding.


  4. I found you through Monochrome Madness, so a lot of these were familiar! A great look back on a fantastic year of black and white.


  5. They look really good altogether Melinda, wow, so many great images. Thank you for being part of MM over the last year, it has been fantastic seeing your great images each week.


  6. Your gallery is wonderful!
    It’s been quite a fun year 🙂


  7. That’s a set to be really proud of, Melinda


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