Ghost Bike


This ghost bike along US 90 commemorates where a cyclist was killed. Using painted bicycles as a way to memorialize a death began in Missouri in 2003. This fatality was, judging by the sign on the bike, the result of a DUI.

The lens flares seem to be pulling the bicyclist skyward.

Brewster County, Texas
photographed 1.19.2013

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  1. Well done!


  2. NIce – the line of clouds also seems to be carrying the bike.


    • Thanks – I spent a decade or so photographing roadside crosses and don’t stop for them anymore. This was unusual enough to warrant a stop. The low sun and that line of clouds were most accommodating, being just where I needed them to be.


      • I think a decade of photographing those memorials is enough, but I also think that they could make a very interesting collection – one topic, they would likely in combination cast some light on what to me is a bit hard to understand. I wonder if it is related to the decreasing use of cemeteries/increasing use of cremations and the consequent need for a memorial. The wikipedia entry for roadside memorials is interesting – apparently in California they charge a $1,000 fee per memorial, and some states ban them entirely.


      • I learned a lot about roadside memorials during that decade. My project is called Where the Spirit Left; it’s got photos accompanied by poems and essays. I haven’t worked on it several years, but for various reasons think it seems like I might be ready to work on it again. I,will keep you posted.


      • Heh, I should have guessed you would have this in hand, and know a lot about it too!


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