Spring storms


I was driving home from a meeting; there were clouds on the western horizon that gave a gold tint to the light. In the east and north were remnants of a storm that had had a tornado in it. It was a nice change to see so many clouds; the on-going drought has meant a lot fewer spring storms than usual.

Unless NOT having spring storms is the new usual.

I made a u-turn (safely, I mean, when the traffic conditions permitted) to get back around to capture this.

near Idalou, Texas
photographed 4.1.2013

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  1. well worth the u-turn. This is great!


  2. This is a beautiful photograph! Glad you made the u-turn.


  3. What beautiful tones, Melinda.


  4. Nice shot of a utility pole 😉 By any chance (just taking a hint from the sign) did you stitch together a couple of images to make this one?


    • I am sitting in a session at my conference (session topic: Blah Blah Blah Something about Planning) and reading your comments. This one made me laugh. Fellow attendees are jealous that I have friends who post amusing. Comments.


  5. I like this one very much – great sky,



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