Trailer House


You know how much I love old, ragged buildings, right?

Earlier this month, I was in Austin, Texas, and decided to drive around some nearby small towns, seeking some photogenic (to me) buildings. However, I failed to account for the revitalization of places like Kyle and Buda. I mean, they are nice enough if you are looking for a town with a pie shop, or a store that sells scented soaps, or even a day spa.

But they just don’t work if you want something that hasn’t been (or won’t ever be) fixed up.

The town of Uhland, however, was perfect.

Uhland, Texas
photographed 5.10.2013

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  1. Abandoned trailers have a certain appeal – they go well with corrugated iron.
    Seeing this reminds me of a shot in my archive that I should dig out.


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