It’s that kind of town


Yes, it is that kind of town.

The kind of town where you can put your church’s yard sale sign on a box in the middle of the main drag on a Saturday. And where people see “FBC” on the sign and automatically know that’s the Baptist church.

Sudan, Texas
photographed 5.25.2013

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  1. Wonderful perspective!


    • Thanks, Lisa. I like it when I can stand in the middle of the street and take a picture without worrying about getting run over!


      • Something tells me if you appeared to be moving that sign, you might be at risk of collision with protective car.

        Wonderfully unusual shot. This photo has a lingering scent of screeching rubber – from you coming to an abrupt and joyful halt in the middle of the road – one hand on wheel, the other reaching for camera.


      • Ehpem – that’s almost EXACTLY what happened. It was indeed an “abrupt and joyful halt.”


  2. The main drag on a Saturday: Where are the people?


    • I saw one person at the yard sale, two standing in front of the grocery store (the only business in town), and another two people walking down the street, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. And, that was it.


  3. And a name of place is Sudan !
    great find and superb shot !


  4. Looks like you took your life in your hand by standing in the middle of this busy highway to get this shot. Not that it’s not worth the effort, it’s a great shot.


  5. Brett Erickson

    This reminds me a bit of Jim Alinder’s work in the early 1980s-has the same sense of biting commentary on values and community. Good sharpshooting.


  6. LOL – now that’s funny right there!


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