The website for the City of Roscoe notes that it is a small town with big potential, adding that it “would be a prime location for several different businesses.”

Probably most of the “different” business will be related to farming. Wind farming, that is. Not the other kind.

out by the edge of town
Roscoe, Texas

photographed 5.20.2011

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  1. Very nice!
    Those trees on the horizon sure pull the eye into the distance.


  2. Excellent image – I’m still trying to get a good image of a wind turbine.


  3. The trees seem to tolerate the building for now but I suspect they will take over sooner or later. And the wind mill seems so out of place it’s wonderful.


    • Usually what happens with these trees is that they die, from old age or the drought or a combination, then after a while they fall over on top of the building that’s next to them.

      That wind turbine is actually the corner one of a fairly large wind farm.


  4. Love this but wind turbines – my thoughts on these are not printable…….!



    • I know what you mean – those things are all over the place in my part of Texas, cluttering up the landscape. Not too far from where I tool this shot there’s an area where there are literally too many wind turbines to count.


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