Not an optical illusion


The stairs really did make a sharp turn on the landing – this isn’t some sort of double exposure or Photoshop trickery.  (Because I’m not proficient enough for either of those things.)

But aside from the M. C. Escher feel of the stairs, there are some interesting light and reflective effects.  And this sat patiently in the archives for 1,940 days until I finally noticed that it had blog potential.  I wonder what took me so long?

Lakewood, Colorado
photographed 6.22.2008

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  1. Great reflections, but the corner looks lethal! Don’t get jostled against that corner.


  2. Interesting architecture, and photograph. I took a similar shot of the corner of a very modern house last weekend. It must be a new thing in the architectural world.


  3. Oh good I can finally open this one ! it looks like a modern-day version of the descent into Hades, the light threatens, the bottom looks dark and mysterious.


  4. I’m wondering the same thing! It’s a great photo of a strange staircase.


  5. Very cool, Melinda. Like others here, one of my first thoughts was of how vicious that corner looks.


  6. I’m glad this one finally saw the light of day, Melinda. The reference to Mr Escher is very apt too.


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