The blackness


I am posting this now so you have time to mark your brand new 2014 calendars. Come on down to Plainview, Texas, to The Blackness, Plainview’s only professionally run haunted house. They promise to “scare the yell out of ya!!”

Open Halloween-ish.

Plainview, Texas
photographed 12.10.2013

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  1. An appropriate jet black sky. A stand-out image for sure. Some clever graphics too.


  2. I really like this one, Melinda. I’m currently inarticulate so I can’t tell you why, only that I do.


  3. I like it too. The black sky is just right for this shot. I don’t like that hand though – these kinds of places do scare me and I never go; nor do I watch horror movies, or read books with random scary unexpected things going – why do that to myself?


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