Two poles


On my way to Roswell, I took a back road where there was almost no traffic; in Texas the speed limit was 75 mph, but when the road crossed into New Mexico, it dropped to 55 mph. That felt really slow, kind of like I’d never get where I was going.

But it also meant that I was able to see this and stop in time, without the usual pair of U-turns to get back to it.

Later, when I was back on the road, a pickup passed me, going so fast he would have been breaking the speed limit in Texas. I sped up, too. Except for these two poles, the rest were a blur.

Chaves County, New Mexico
photographed 5.9.2014

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  1. I like this in color!


    • Thanks, Donna. I first did it in black and white (surprising!) and posted it that way on my One Day | One Image Facebook page. But then I decided I didn’t care for it, and took another look, and that’s when I decided color was the way it wanted to go.


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