Basketball is a rough game…


especially if you are playing it on this court in this field.

County Line, Texas
photographed 5.24.2014

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  1. You do desolation so well. If I got started on what I like about this photograph, I might never stop.


  2. You need special balls and rules of play to have fun on this court. For one thing, dribbling is probably out.


    • BTW, very nice soft line of trees!


    • During dry season (which is roughly January-December) the ground is almost hard enough that dribbling would actually be an option. I think there are rules for interference from prairie dogs and/or tumbleweeds. Also, if I understand it correctly, during any overtime play, tumbleweeds are used IN PLACE OF a regulation basketball. That makes dribbling very difficult, since tumbleweeds are not inherently bouncy, and also makes traveling a certainty: it becomes a passing game at that point.


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