9 windows


My road trip took me to Hastings, Nebraska, where I got to see my pal Brett Erickson. I’ve known Brett for a few years now, and follow his blog. In all that time, and in all those images, I don’t recall that I’ve ever seen any photos of Hastings.

Maybe he didn’t want me to disclose this information, but I was able to find some old buildings while I was in town. Like this place, with those nine windows that caught my attention.

Oh, and just a word of advice here. If you are in Nebraska and it’s a football weekend and everyone from sales clerks to waiters to just random people on the street want to talk football, just go along with it. It’s a lot easier for everyone involved. Never mind how I figured that out.

Hastings, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

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  1. Did you slide that door open and have a peek inside? Or are those concoidal fractures in the concrete from something large banging heavily on the inside, trying to get out? If so, best to leave the door closed.


  2. That’s an ‘L’ of a picture, Melinda. Sorry, couldn’t resist that feeble comment on the shapes – but it’s true. There are echoes of similarity. And that little bit of grafitti catches my eye- no idea what it stands for but it just adds another little dimension to this.


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