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So, this happened

The Buddy Holly Center, here in Lubbock, sponsors a biennial photography competition called Illuminance. Brett Erickson was the juror and he selected “A Musical View” as the theme of the show. His juror’s statement said, “Music and photography have been long linked; Ansel Adams frequently equated the variation in black and white images to the keys on a piano. Yet the relationship is more complicated and nuanced than the analogy implies, and this show invites photographers to explore the intercourse of tone, color, and image in all its powerful permutations.”

That was hard to understand, and it took me a while to to find images that felt musical to me, but that weren’t photos of music or musicians. I eventually settled on my entry, choosing a wider-than-normal set of photos that I thought met the spirit of the call for entries.

The results were announced last week.

This shot, from February, was awarded an honorable mention:

All But One – Lubbock, Texas

My photo that I made during the workshop with Sam Abell in February was awarded second place:

That One Particular Orange – Santa Monica, California

That very happy news was in the first email I got. Then later, another email arrived with even more news – that four more of my images had been accepted:

Light, where once was darkness – Jordan River, British Columbia

One Tree – Lubbock County, Texas

Cowboy, framed – Denver, Colorado

In the room of sorrows – Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am astonished and humbled by these selections for the show.

Now, it’s no secret here on the blog that Brett and I are good friends. But that’s not how I got into the show: he didn’t know who any of the photographers were, and in fact, didn’t even know until I told him last night how many of my images had been selected. His exact words were, “Dude, you got SIX in?” (He was kind enough to not say out loud, “Oh, no. I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.”) Seriously, though, my meeting Brett, first through our blogs and then through classes and shows, has been a pivotal part of my evolution as a photographer. He challenges me, and teaches me, and inspires me.

The show will be up from the first of June through July 22. If you’re in Lubbock, please stop by.

Plastic bag (for Brett Erickson)


I had a conference in Phoenix. It was related to my real job, but that didn’t mean I left my camera at home!

I found this gem within an hour of my arrival, when I was walking along the side of the convention center. I knew immediately I needed to make the shot, for my very good pal Brett Erickson. He’d’ve done the same for me.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.1.2016

PS: Don’t forget to click on the image to see a larger version!

Self portrait (or as close as you’ll ever see)


Yes, those are my feet.

I was watching the storm on the east edge of town as it built up. I am not particularly good at just sitting, and watching, and waiting for something to happen. But, Brett Erickson has been encouraging me to take a much slower approach to my work, and I was giving it a try. (Brett hasn’t steered me wrong so far.) That storm was interesting but I have to say I got a little bored by the time I left.

So I made a picture of my feet.

Clearly, I still need to work on that sitting and waiting deal a little bit more…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 8.16.2014

(I am gone for a while, and will not be responding to comments right away. But make some anyway, if you feel inclined, and I’ll get back to you – it just won’t be right away.)

9 windows


My road trip took me to Hastings, Nebraska, where I got to see my pal Brett Erickson. I’ve known Brett for a few years now, and follow his blog. In all that time, and in all those images, I don’t recall that I’ve ever seen any photos of Hastings.

Maybe he didn’t want me to disclose this information, but I was able to find some old buildings while I was in town. Like this place, with those nine windows that caught my attention.

Oh, and just a word of advice here. If you are in Nebraska and it’s a football weekend and everyone from sales clerks to waiters to just random people on the street want to talk football, just go along with it. It’s a lot easier for everyone involved. Never mind how I figured that out.

Hastings, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

It loomed over Lubbock


Check out this cloud! I was working through the weekend (on my real job, which sometimes get busy) and when it was time to take a break, of course I went on a bit of wander to see what I could see.

There was a big line of clouds building up east of town; I found a nice vantage point at the soccer fields, where I sat on a broken aluminum bleacher and watched the clouds build. And the thing is that just sitting and watching a scene unfold is new for me – usually I am more of the shoot-it-and-move-along sort of photographer. This slower approach doesn’t (yet) feel natural, but I’ll keep trying and see how it works out. (See, Brett Erickson: it looks like I am still learning from that class all the way back in July!)

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 8.16.2014

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