Self portrait (or as close as you’ll ever see)


Yes, those are my feet.

I was watching the storm on the east edge of town as it built up. I am not particularly good at just sitting, and watching, and waiting for something to happen. But, Brett Erickson has been encouraging me to take a much slower approach to my work, and I was giving it a try. (Brett hasn’t steered me wrong so far.) That storm was interesting but I have to say I got a little bored by the time I left.

So I made a picture of my feet.

Clearly, I still need to work on that sitting and waiting deal a little bit more…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 8.16.2014

(I am gone for a while, and will not be responding to comments right away. But make some anyway, if you feel inclined, and I’ll get back to you – it just won’t be right away.)

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  1. The most people ever see of me is typically in a reflection 🙂
    Glad you sat for this one…

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  2. Can I post this on ‘strata of the self’ please Melinda?


  3. It’s good to sit and wait for the pictures to come to you rather than go chasing them down. Trouble with clouds is, they can move real slow sometimes!


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