The side of Pike Place Market that faces toward the Sound it the best side. If you ask me. It’s got all those great windows, some of which reflect the mountains. And they’re operable, something that you never seen on commercial buildings in my part of the world. And the glimpses through them offer up more mysteries than anything else.

And, way down in the corner, that finger points the way.

Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington
photographed 8.4.2014

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  1. Rectangles galore 🙂


  2. All those windows’. 🙂


  3. That is a really great shot. Did you ever wonder what kind of (male?) person would erect an addition like that black one on the side of the building, and call it prime real estate? A truly bizarre protuberance. I’d pissed if my office was behind one of the windows on the floor below.

    Maybe it is just an elaborate rainshelter for the club? entrance below.


  4. That is one stylish image!


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