The effects of the drought were severe


It doesn’t take a hydrologist to see that a dock without a drop of water anywhere nearby isn’t a good sign.

Lake Buchanan is part of the watershed managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority. According to their website, lakes Buchanan and Travis – which provide municipal water supplies for several cities – are currently at 34% capacity. If (or, probably, when) that number drops below 30%, the LCRA will issue a declaration called the “Drought Worse Than the Drought of Record.”* Issuance of this declaration will put into place a series of water restrictions on all customers. The LCRA says there is a “small chance” this could occur as soon as February 2015.

(what’s left of) Lake Buchanan, Texas
photographed 11.28.2014

*It’s sort of an interesting series of words, isn’t it?

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  1. This photo tells a lot … a lake that looks like a farmer’s field


  2. The rules are still good ones too…certainly water is going to be the next crisis after we free ourselves from the oil bondage.


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