The prickly hearts


Perhaps there’s a botanist out there who can explain this – why the normally oval prickly pear pads sometimes take on a heart shape.

But until we know the reason, let’s just appreciate them for what they are.

Canyon of the Eagles resort
Lake Buchanan, Texas
photographed 11.28.2014

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  1. Well, Melinda. Here’s your answer, but it may not be any more intelligible to you than it is to me. My husband (David H. Benzing) is a biologist. I asked him if he had an answer. Here’s what he wrote: “It’s hard to explain. Technically it occurs when when the secondary thickening apical meristem of what basically is a flat stem (cladode in the case of the opuntia-type cacti) is more active than the primary apical meristem.” Told ya.

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  2. Piece of cake, really, Linda! 🙂


  3. well that was a question I wanted an answer to, so thanks !now I know, and yes, it makes sence to me !


  4. Do you know why it’s look like hearts??? 🙂


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