Deepening shadows


This building is under renovation – one of these days, it’ll be office space for Hockley County.

I happen to know the architect* for the project, and was able to get a tour one afternoon. Of course, the tour wasn’t planned in advance or anything like that**, so the only camera I had with me was the one on my phone. Which is better than no camera at all, of course. And the phone did a great job of capturing the way the shadows deepened in waves across that far wall.

Levelland, Texas
photographed 11.11.2014

* Because I’m married to him.
** Even though I am licensed planner! (Don’t tell the American Institute of Certified Planners – I’d hate for them to revoke my license!)

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  1. This is one of those images that make me go “Ohhhhhhh” inside my head as soon as I see it. Very nice!


  2. I mean “them”—”as soon as I see them. I think.


  3. With a closing quotation mark after them. For sure.


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