Rules of the Day


I don’t fish, but I understand the posted rules.

But I can’t figure out the guitar.

San Clemente Pier
San Clemente, California
photographed 1.8.2015

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  1. Like the Sirens, luring sailors to their doom, the guitar is used to attract the fish…maybe 🙂


  2. Fishing can be a slow job, the guitar helps to while away the time.


  3. Creativethoughts

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  4. An image that poses questions (guitar-related). Has he discovered a way to lure fish that has escaped the rest of us? Or is he multi-tasking? Or is out to make a dollar or two on the side with his guitar playing to augment his supper? Or has he just got so bored with everything he’s gone for a swim? Or perish the thought just jumped…


    • Sadly, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out the answers. My guess (and I’m projecting my own short attention span to this other person’s situation) is that the guitar is to relieve the boredom of fishing (“boredom” is also projecting).

      A surfer told me that the water was “warm” which he defined as 64 degrees F (18C), which doesn’t sound AT ALL warm to me. So I hope that the guitar player didn’t swim or jump!


  5. This reminds me of the lurid display in a nursing station in a small community that is mostly used by sports fisherman. It was a wall of lures, each one of which had been removed from someone’s flesh, embedded during casting accidents. I wish I had a picture of it, but I saw it 30 years ago and surely it is gone now, along with the RN I expect.


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