Some Dangerous Curves


Really, these are just dangerous…

Dana Point, California
photographed 1.7.2015

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  1. Oh, Melinda. Just beautiful. I don’t care how many other people (including me) have photographed agave plants before. This one stands out as one of the very best. The range of tones is incredible, and the composition completely pleasing. Thank you!


  2. Beautiful tones and shapes and excellent detail. Find room on your wall for this one.


  3. Gorgeous toning and composition, Melinda! Outstanding.


  4. Gorgeous tones and patterns.


  5. That really is special, Melinda. The composition is so good. Hang it on the wall definitely!


  6. Great b&w photo! Nice curves – dangerous can also be nice 😉


  7. these leaves are more like flames of fire… gorgeous shot!!


  8. I love this. Every time I see the thumbnail for it in your what’s been seen lately section, I am drawn to it. Definitely should be on a wall and seen every day.

    Great processing too, btw.


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