Plan view (or: compose, and wait)


So, I took that class with Sam Abell and he talked a lot (a WHOLE lot!) about “compose and wait.” I am not by nature a very patient person* so that concept is very difficult for me to do.

But Sam said it, and I paid money to hear it, so it seemed right to try.

And look what happened! Those three people walked right into the shot I’d composed!

Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington
photographed 4.20.2015

*I actually typed that I was not a “pleasant person” which I hope was more indicative of my typing skills that any sort of deep personal revelation…

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  1. Even if that advice was the only thing you walked away with it’s money well spent.


  2. Sometimes you can, other times it does not work – but it is worth considering for those times when it is appropriate.


  3. I do this a lot when I’m traveling abroad. Nice image 🙂


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