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In the summer of 2014, I took a class from my very good friend Brett Erickson at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; I struggled quite a bit during the week, and one morning was ready to put my cameras away forever because I was so frustrated. But, I’d already paid for the class, so I stuck it out. I’m frugal like that.

That evening, our plan was to shoot at a place near Abiquiu, New Mexico, but a huge thunderstorm thwarted those plans. The reasonable members of the class returned to Santa Fe. But Brett and four students decided the thing to do was to go higher into the mountains, and closer to the storm, so he could show us how to shoot lightning.

Safe, right? (Brett’s a lot taller than I am, so I figured…well, you know. Fortunately all of us returned safely to Santa Fe.)

Anyway, I just found out that my favorite lightning image from that wonderful night of shooting was accepted into the online gallery for PhotoPlace Gallery’s Landscape: Earth and Sky show. You can see it the entire show here.

And you can see my image here:


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  1. Holy guacamole! That is a beautiful, fantastic photo!!! I am so envious… And congratulations of course, you deserve it!


  2. Congratulations, Melinda! I have long loved this photo of yours and am glad to see it get more exposure.


  3. The person behind the camera – that’s my wife! Congratulations.


  4. A real beauty of an image…


  5. Stunnig scene – great photo you’ve captured there!


  6. This is amazing! Good for you for hanging tough and going for the big moment. And congratulations!


  7. Congratulations. Outstanding photo.


  8. I’m glad you didn’t put your camera away forever! I understand the feeling though and have felt it myself. Great photo!


  9. Congratulations, Melinda. It’s a lovely shot.


  10. The red light trail adds an atypical element to your stormy photograph of lightning.


  11. This is a wonderful image, Melinda! Congratulations!
    The (car) light trails are a very cool addition.


  12. Wondrous – lovely to come across your work Melinda


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