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In the summer of 2014, I took a class from my very good friend Brett Erickson at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; I struggled quite a bit during the week, and one morning was ready to put my cameras away forever because I was so frustrated. But, I’d already paid for the class, so I stuck it out. I’m frugal like that.

That evening, our plan was to shoot at a place near Abiquiu, New Mexico, but a huge thunderstorm thwarted those plans. The reasonable members of the class returned to Santa Fe. But Brett and four students decided the thing to do was to go higher into the mountains, and closer to the storm, so he could show us how to shoot lightning.

Safe, right? (Brett’s a lot taller than I am, so I figured…well, you know. Fortunately all of us returned safely to Santa Fe.)

Anyway, I just found out that my favorite lightning image from that wonderful night of shooting was accepted into the online gallery for PhotoPlace Gallery’s Landscape: Earth and Sky show. You can see it the entire show here.

And you can see my image here:


Holding it together


Detail, clothesline.

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

A marked trail


From this angle, it’s a little hard to know if those rocks are going up the trail to meet the storm, or coming down in an effort to escape it.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that they are just rocks, doing what rocks do: biding their time until they’ve eroded away.*

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

*I actually don’t know if that’s how it works. My college geology class was a long time ago.

A tenacious tree


Who knows how that tree survives, clinging to the cliff like that? You have to admire its tenacity.

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014



I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of regular-life items and monumental scenes. So it was no surprise to me that a humble clothesline, set at the base of dramatic cliffs and under stormy skies, would have caught my eye….

near Abiquiu, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

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