I went to the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops to take a class with Keith Carter. It was a tough week, but now that I have the advantage of a little distance (geographic and emotional) I know that if it hadn’t been a tough week, I wouldn’t have been growing as an artist.

But, anyway, the class included shooting models, which as  you know from looking at this blog is not my deal. The very idea of it made me feel like I was going to pass out. (Also: some of the models were nude.) I was tempted to opt out of the model shoot, but decided against being THAT person. And I’m glad I stayed. It was an interesting experience, and I got some images that I’m proud of. Like this one.

near Pojoaque, New Mexico
photographed 7.6.2016

PS – Here’s a video of the last-night-of-class presentation from the Workshops. (There’s some nudity, so be careful…)

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  1. I get you…I’m not very at ease shooting people either…

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    • Fortunately, the models were experienced…neither my shooting partner for the day nor I were, so we’d just tell them first thing that we didn’t know what we were doing. (Like they couldn’t figure it out!) We’d ask them for suggestions for specific locations or poses, and they were all very helpful. In fact, I should give the models all the credit for how these came out.

      But all that being said, I still prefer more, shall we say, inert subjects!

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  2. This is a wonderful shot so keep teaching us.

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  3. This is an interesting shot but I don’t think it stands out the way the rest of your work does. It is wonderful that you are pushing yourself as an artist and I wonder how much what you have learned will influence the way you see your more ‘inert’ subjects in the future. Very exciting!


    • I was never the sort of photographer who cropped anything; my college photography teacher didn’t let us crop, and that early lesson has stayed with me. Cropping seemed like an admission that the original composition was weak. I am trying to stop thinking like that and in fact have cropped several images lately. So you’ll be seeing that influence from the class. Also, I’ve been trending toward images that are, traditionally speaking, underexposed. I picked up some Photoshop/Lightroom tips on making dark images, and you’ll definitely be seeing more of that in the future.

      That week of class was very difficult for me, but I pushed through the hard stuff. I have a fear of being in a rut, and needed something to really kick me in the ass to get me going!

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  4. What a challenging experience, good for you!


  5. Way to go! I’ve been a fan of Carter since I was first introduced to him in one of the popular photography magazines (was it in the 60’s or 70′). I was proud that he was a Texas transplant like me; as if that fact connected us for some reason. I envy your chance to rub elbows with him. Watched the video and was impressed with the work.


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