Books! I have books!

I used to do a book every year, sort of as a recap of stuff I’d posted on the blog. But then I got out of the habit, and it’s been a couple of years since I’ve made the effort.

The other day, my cousin mentioned in a Facebook comment that she’d really like to see a book of photos from Lubbock; she said photos from Lubbock made her “feel like home is not so far.” Challenge accepted! It’s called Lubbock: the prevailing themes.

And, then, while I was at it, I did a small book of haiku that I’ve posted over on my other blog, The Poetry of Photography. This one is called 17 (haiku).

Both books are now available. They’d make really good gifts, if you catch my drift…

Lubbock, Texas

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  1. Well done! I need to get cracking on mine


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