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A few days ago, blogger Merilee and I were trading comments on Far West Texas; she mentioned photographing a particular mural in the Alpine train station when her Chicago-Los Angeles train had made a stop. I knew the mural, and had in fact photographed it myself just a few months ago. We decided that we’d each post the photo that Merilee dubbed the Alpine Man. Here’s mine:

010414 BONUS

You can see Merilee’s photo of the Alpine Man here..

Nice connection to have made.

But wait. There’s more. In a recent post, Merilee included a poem written by W. C. Jameson. Turns out that W.C. and Merilee collaborate from time to time, pairing his poems with her photos. But what closes this circle, which is smaller and tighter than I could have imagined, is this: W. C.’s wife Laurie and I have been friends for nearly twenty years. Those of you who know my blog The Poetry of Photography may recognize her name as the poet who contributed the first 359 poems on that blog.

Connections. Indeed.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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