November 27

Here’s a building that’s all out of proportion. Is it really that tall? Or, is it regular height, but with tiny doors?

Anton, Texas

photographed 1.29.2012

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  1. Facade keeps us safe
    in a world that questions worth
    we all wear strange masks.


  2. Completely out of proportion, like the store front with benches or tables in front of it. Another possible doll’s house photographed carefully. How can I be sure that this blog is not an elaborate ruse and that you are really just photographing a model of a small town, in a museum or something?


    • Remember that part about how I have an architecture degree? Did you notice how I never really said what I did with that degree? Hmmm….things are making sense now, aren’t they?!


      • I have great admiration for model makers – some of them do exquisite work with a ton of research behind them – especially in museums. Maybe this building was designed to be viewed from above or something?


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